Castello manages a wide variety of investments, such as Core+, Opportunistics, Developments, Portfolios break up sales, asset repositionings and even distressed situations and NPLs in several asset classes, from Residential and Hotels to Logistic and Photovoltaic.


Castello’s main investors are Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, PE firms, Hedge Funds, Pension Funds, Family Offices and even private investors both national and international.


Castello SGR Società di Gestione del Risparmio Via G. Puccini, 3 20121 Milano tel. +39.02.454361

Iscritta al n. 47 dell'Albo delle SGR - Sezione Gestori di FIA di cui all'articolo 35, comma 1° del D. Lgs. 24 febbraio 1998, n. 58. P.Iva e C.F. 13456100158